Your marketplace operations have never been as seamless with automated importing of your vendor products, syncing information and inventory levels, automated order routing, payments, and more.

Jetti Platform Architecture Performance

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Enterprise APIs for marketplace automation

Jetti offers an extensive API for managing large scale, complex marketplace workflows for Enterprises, with API services for:






Order services

Jetti provides APIs to ingest high volume and real time orders from your custom frontend. Once imported, Jetti can automatically route to dropship partners based on your routing preferences. Custom routing rules can be supported through usage of our API. Alternatively, routing preferences based on product, inventory, or seller information can be configured within the Jetti dashboard.Internal warehouses can optionally be connected to Jetti as orders are split and routed between your in-house teams, dropship partners and 3PLs. There are API and dashboards available for migrating shipments post-order, such as the reallocation to alternative dropship partners where needed.

Shipping services

Jetti can assist with the automation of shipping at checkout and post checkout. We have support for major international carriers, such as DHL, UPS and FedEx, alongside more regional carriers in Europe and Asian through 3rd party carrier aggregators. Additionally, specialist carriers or any custom shipping services can be connected to Jetti. Advanced routing preferences can be implemented where needed, allocating SKUs and dropship partners to specific integration, carriers or service levels. During checkout, APIs are available for proving a breakdown of the shipping lead times and costs for items within a customer’s basket. This provides the “Farfetch” marketplace experience, where customers can view a breakdown of their cart across the sellers, enabling them to select their preferred shipping service for each component of the order.

Products services

For our B2C marketplaces, Jetti can connect directly into the PIMs and Ecommerce platforms for your dropship partners. Once connected, product and inventory data can be synced into your PIM or custom frontend for editing or curation. Alongside the handling of product data, Jetti provides timely sync of inventory and pricing between your dropship partners. For architectures where a full two-way PIM integration is not needed, a one-way sync from the marketplace PIM into Jetti can be implemented as an alternative. This will import the baseline data needed for the management and routing of orders and shipments.

Payments and Return services

For Enterprise marketplaces looking for automation on payments and returns, Jetti provides a platform and API for managing the commission routing for sellers and a customer-facing portal for the generation and management of returns. The payment and returns flow can be tailored where needed, for marketplaces looking to implement more complex payment and returns approval processes. Or, disabled for systems where these functions are already handled.